wmtc in less than 30 days

The counter is under 30 days! We are getting really excited. Time is very tight, my schedule is packed, the days are flying by in a whoosh. Butterflies are flitting in and out of my stomach.

More later.


Kythryne said...

I can't remember if I've told you this, but rather ironically, we're moving to Inwood in August.

Will you have time to get together for coffee one last time before you move?

David Cho said...

So once in Canada, will the blog change to "weareincanada"?

laura k said...

Kyth: I thought I saw that on your blog! Drop me an email, let me know where exactly you're moving. You didn't want our apartment??

I'd love to get together... but I'm afraid you and I have already done the "one last time" coffee/lunch, I don't think I can squeeze in one more thing. But when do you move?

David: Funny you ask that. Allan wants me to add a big "D" to make it "we moveD to canada". Not change the URL, just the title. I don't know... the story still seems to be "we move to Canada". But a big red D in a cursive font might look nice.

It's such a triviality, but I tend to obsess over details. For example, you see where we put the countdown clock, there's a bigger space under the heading ("wmtc in"), more than the other headings have? I don't like this, and I worked for a long time to move it closer. (The counter must have a built-in margin.) Eventually I gave up because I have too many other things to do, but I'd rather have kept working on it. This is sometimes a strength, but sometimes a sickness!

Niobium said...

I tend to obsess over details.

I'm the same way. I've taken things off my sidebar because they didn't line up the way I wanted them too.

I do hope you continue to blog, regardless of the D.

laura k said...

I do hope you continue to blog, regardless of the D.

My blog isn't going anywhere. A new story begins on August 31.

And thanks for saying that.

allan said...

I like the idea of a red "d" or this:

we move(d) to canada

Kythryne said...

I figured that was probably the case -- and I don't even know if *I* will have time between now and then! Ah, well, Amy and I have been wanting to visit Canada anyway. :)

We're hoping to move on the 15th if we can find a place by then, but if not, end of August. We don't have a place yet, but are looking non-stop and have a couple of brokers on the job as well.

As for your apartment... Amy and I joked about seeing if you could put in a good word with your landlord for us, but we decided to hold out for something right near either Inwood Hill Park or Isham Park. After two years in concrete-lined Jersey City, we're ready for a major change, and that's about as green as we can get without moving out of the city -- which isn't going to happen anytime soon!

laura k said...

Ah, well, Amy and I have been wanting to visit Canada anyway. :)

Now you have an excuse!

Inwood is great, you'll love it. If it makes any difference, our street has the lovely Bennett Rest (pocket park), and our building is 3 blocks from an entrance to Ft Tryon Park. It's pretty green here.

Several people have expressed interest in our apartment (as you might imagine), but I could give you the landlord's name & number if you're interested. L o t s of s p a c e. That might be a luxury for you guys.

teflonjedi said...

I'm one of those hoping to see things continue...I want to see how you acclimatize to life in the Far North!

laura k said...

Hey, I have no intentions of discontinuing this blog. It helps keep me sane.

Writing about our new lives is the main reason I started blogging - I just started too early! But it turns out that was a Good Thing, because it brought me some readers, and readers make me want to write more.

So stay tuned!

gito said...

Hi Laura: I am so glad your moving already in less than 30 days!! I wish I was you;) We are still waiting for the passport request (it has been just a little over a month) Are you planning in posting all the possible tips days before/after the move? It would be very helpful to us, thanks! Love and Happiness

laura k said...

Hi Gito! What kind of tips are you thinking of? Let me know and I'll try.

If I don't hear from you here, I'll post a comment on your blog.

James Redekop said...

You don't really need the "D" -- after all, a move isn't over when you change houses. There's still settling in and getting used to the place, which is part of the process and can take years.

You aren't *really* moved in until all the boxes are unpacked...

laura k said...

You aren't *really* moved in until all the boxes are unpacked...

Don't remind me! ;-)

I don't think I need the "D" either. This is the story of "we move to Canada". To me that describes the whole process, before and after.

But maybe I'll put a D in for a day or two, just to make Redsock happy.