belated congratulations, canada

Getting caught up over at Rob's place, I realized I never congratulated Canada on The World's Stupidest Government Award. As you can imagine, competition was tight, what with the U.S. and North Korea in the running.

Fear not, America Firsters, your guy didn't go home empty handed. W won Stupidest Statement of the Year with one of my personal favorite Bushisms: "They never stop thinking of ways of harming America, and neither do we."

In a surprise, sexist upset, Ann Coulter won Stupidest Man of the Year. Yes, I still call out sexism, even when it's against anti-feminist, wingnuttified women who I hate. It's like being against the death penalty for Donald Rumsfeld. Oh yeah, just call me Mahatma.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you, L-girl, for your kind words and wishes.

As for Mr. Y, it is best to ignore him.

I am learning that silence is a true gift myself.

laura k said...

Hi Barbara! I like to ignore... but sometimes I like to mock and needle. I don't care whether or not it bothers the idiot in question, I enjoy it just for myself.

People here often counsel me to ignore the nasty commenters, but I get too much pleasure out of using them for sport. What does that say about me, I don't know...!

Mr Y has been posting on your blog from the very beginning. You'd think he'd give up and go away.

David Cho said...


Which one of The Flame Warriors are you?

Back when I was a flamer, I probably was Picador more than anything. One time, I tried to participate in a women's forum, and ended up becoming Target. Fled the field after that.

laura k said...

David, this is an excellent site!

I think I'm Big Dog (how appropriate!), but I don't have time to finish the descriptions right now. I'll return later today to see if my perception holds up.

This guy is really clever. These types are well familiar to us all. Thanks for the site.

David Cho said...

Yes, the guy is just brilliant. The pictures and descriptions are just too funny.