two steps forward

The hydro account (that's what you guys call it, right?) is now in our name. The house is actually ours as of August 1, so that's taken care of.

And Rogers is coming the day after we arrive. Since our home phone and internet connections both run off cable, it's important to do right away. Plus it's September - pennant race season.

Things are moving along!


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

"The hydro account (that's what you guys call it, right?)"

Yup! Although that's more of an Ontario and Quebec phrase than a Canadian one, since both provinces (especially Quebec) get a lot of their electricity from hydroelectric dams.

So you'll have an internet connection from day 1? Great, I thought there'd be a lull while you were disconnected from the outside world.

I know I might be disconnected for a while, the phone company is on strike and so getting a new house connected might take longer then usual. And since I use DSL, that means no internet at home either.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Interesting story: Israel

Have you ever been solicited to move to Israel?

laura k said...

So you'll have an internet connection from day 1?

Yes! Like I said, that's our phone connection also, via VOIP. Plus we don't have jobs to go to, so we can't be online elsewhere. In essence, cable rules our lives.

Have you ever been solicited to move to Israel?

Oh no. I'm not involved in any Jewish community or organizations, so I don't know where they'd find me. Interesting story.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

And in the "Canada is cold (not)" department:

As of 3:20 pm today

NYC: 78(F), Feels like 91
Toronto: 93(F), Feels like 97
Ottawa: 86(F), Feels like 93

laura k said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't you need a SIN number to hook up cable and power and stuff?


laura k said...

Didn't you need a SIN number to hook up cable and power and stuff?

Nope. Power is on at the house, we just had to put the account under our names. For cable, all you need is money. Same as here - you don't need a SSN.

barefoot hiker said...

Hey, when I said it was humid on the Great Lakes, did I lie? :) It was 104 F on the weekend at one point, so my friend at work told me today. Supposed to be 43 C this weekend with the humidex (109 F). The Weather Network just said Ontario set a one-day record for hydro consumption yesterday... 25 gigawatts (enough power to go Back to the Future 20.66 times!).

Yeah, "hydro" confused me too when I moved from Nova Scotia. My aunt kept talking about her "hydro bill". I thought she meant the water bill. :)

Anonymous said...

Add to that the fact that the main power company is Hydro One.

I remember working in tech support a few years back. We were a third-party call centre (as most are), located in Ontario but serving large American companies who figured they were saving money contracting us out.

While working on an ISP contract, I would field several calls during power outages - people wanting to know if we knew when it would be back on so they could get online again. What's amazing is that even though there was no electricity, some of these people didn't understand why it was they couldn't use the computer (guess they forgot about the plug in the back).

Customer: "My computer's not working."

Me: "Well, sir, what exactly do you see when you turn it on."

Cust: "Nothing. Damn thing won't turn on."

Me: "Hmmm ... let me check ... oh, I see. The grid shows the power is out in your area ... do you have any electricity in the house right now?"

Cust: "No. But the computer still isn't working."

Me [eyes rolled, trying not to laugh]: "Well, sir, it should work just fine as soon as the hydro comes back on."

Cust: "Hydra? What's hydra?"

At which point I correct myself, say electricity, end the call, and roll around the floor in fits of laughter. Those were the days ...