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The Amazing Wonderdog asks, Now are we all Egyptians?

My only quibble is that this isn't about the blogosphere (which, after all, is only made up of people - good, bad and stupid). Many of us were decrying the "today we are all Londoners" shit. But still. TAW is correct.


jc said...

Egypt out of Iraq NOW!

FM said...

hi! thanks for the article by the way. engaging author. will read in more detail once this abomination called the bar has passed. (then i'll be hitting a REAL bar, with cocktails!)

Anonymous said...

TAW is right.

I posted on this, after reading his site, and now am trading barbs with some 'anonymous' who of course leaves no link, over the perceived lack of attention. Seems s/he took offense to the calling out of bloggers who wrote on London but not Egypt. Hey, I called out myself on that one (I won't hide from my guilt in that) also. But, no matter. Just interesting the people who will look past the point of something (that being in we all must make an effort to see equality) and look only at their own pride, and their own views, instead. But shit, isn't that the same reason no one wrote on Egypt in the first place? Those attacks didn't hurt North American pride. But someone calling them out over it - well, I guess THAT did. Strange world.

laura k said...

Egypt out of Iraq NOW!

What does this mean?