december 12, 2000

Another day of infamy.

Many of us have been angrily sputtering since Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement, and not because of the likely politics of her successor. Although the timing was a surprise, O'Connor's retirement should not have come as a shock. She hinted at it when she installed Bush as president in 2000.

It's true that O'Connor was the deciding vote in many a welcome 5-4 decision. But she was also the deciding vote in Bush v. Gore, the poison tree from which so much evil fruit has sprung. (Pardon the overheated metaphor there, the analogy is still apt.)

Sheldon Drobny, one of the founders of Air America Radio, compares O'Connor's Bush v. Gore decision to the movie "Judgment at Nuremberg": Supreme Court Justice O'Connor: 'She Never Knew it Would Come to This'.

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