party of jellyfish

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, writes two-minute commentaries for the magazine's daily radio show (which I think you can listen to here.)

His copy is always punchy, short and worth reading. Today it's called "Hillary on the Right": how the darling of the Democrats, and the most hated woman in America, wants to expand the empire, because she is a "strong proponent of a forceful American military presence abroad".

"Reframing" the abortion debate, increases in military spending - the Dems have got it all. They have finally figured out how to imitate the Republicans, but still be themselves: adopt all their policies, but not get elected anyway.


Sass said...

i've always feared that a female candidate for president would be under so much scrutiny that her platform would be all kinds of fucked up. If she leans too far to disprove all the stereotypes about what a woman would do as president, she might as well not bother. I think, honestly, that other than the sheer fact of their presence, most women in politics, like their male peers, aren't doing shit to change the status quo. And Hillary Clinton wanting to be a colonial fuck and have this huge imperial army sounds like my fears have been realized.

Rognar said...

Personally, I think the first woman president will be Republican. There will always be the impression among voters that a Democratic woman candidate will have some hidden feminist, anti-military, anti-gun agenda and that just won't fly in the heartland.

laura k said...

I think you're both right.

The first female US president is likely to be along the lines of Margaret Thatcher. It's like Nixon w/China, or LBJ with civil rights - it took a Republican or a Southerner to do it. Otherwise people won't accept the change.

Most women in politics are certainly no different than most men in politics - after all, they're human and they chose to be part of that system.

I do like to see more women in politics, though. Our elected officials should be more representative of the populace. Diversity in government is good - more diversity would be better.

David Cho said...

I've said the same about the first non-white President. He/She will be a Republican. Many are looking to Obama Barack as the Democratic Party's Savior which I never understood. He doesn't have a prayer.