a post-roe united states

Should we give up on Roe v Wade? Many people think so. As Katha Pollitt writes in her most recent column, "A chorus of pundits--among them David Brooks in the New York Times and the Washington Post's Benjamin Wittes writing in The Atlantic--argue that Roe's unforeseen consequences exact too high a price: on democracy, on public discourse, even, paradoxically, on abortion rights."

Pollitt examines if this would be a good idea for the people who it will effect: American women. Please read her excellent essay here.


C La said...

You never know where things are going to lead to you. I read Katha Pollitt's, Should Roe Go?. Ms. Pollitt closes by mentioning, Washington Post columnist, Judy Mann.

She is a new voice for me. After reading her columns, I am sad to have discovered her so many years after her passing.

The post has a tribute to her here.

Some articles she wrote in late 2001 can be found by "googling" her name.

I wanted to pass this along, just in case.

laura k said...

Judy Mann was a rare bird, and underappreciated. I'm glad you discovered her through the wonders of the internet.