introducing project maddie: “keeping people and pets together”

A few weeks ago, a war resister family was facing a serious financial crisis. They were in danger of losing their beloved Golden Retriever, Maddie, because they were unable to support her. I contacted Kim, who comments here as Dharma Seeker. Kim is part of an animal-rescue community and I thought she might know of some resources to help the family.

Kim immediately swung into action, making phone calls, sending emails, posting on Facebook. Within days, we had delivered a two-months' supply of quality dog food to Maddie's mom.

Little did I know that Kim has wanted to start a pet-food food bank for a long time. This experience gave her the impetus to start Project Maddie:
Project Maddie aims to help pet owners who are at risk of losing their pets due to sudden, short term financial instability. Project Maddie collects and distributes donated quality pet food to offer temporary relief to families that might otherwise have to sign a beloved companion over to an animal shelter.

Project Maddie will also offer ongoing, longer-term help to seniors who need assistance in order to keep their animals.

What a great idea, eh? Project Maddie's wish-list includes quality pet food, gas cards, gift cards for office supplies (like Staples or Grand & Toy), web design and volunteer drivers for food pick-up and delivery. And of course, cash donations are always welcome.

Visit Project Maddie here.

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