on june 4: black out to speak out

On Monday, June 4, websites representing thousands of Canadian people and organizations will go dark to protest changes introduced in the Harper Government'sTM budget act (Bill C-38).

To join this online protest, go to Black Out Speak Out - or Silence, on parle! - and sign up. You'll receive tools to turn your blog or website into a message of protest that will be counted by all the major media and political parties.

This government, which represents the interests of industries and profit over the interests of ordinary Canadian people, is putting the future of our land, water and climate at risk. More than a third of the budget is dedicated to weakening Canada's most important environmental laws, including measures to make it more difficult for environmental charities to participate in the public policy process. Typically undemocratic and typically insular, this will further extend the government's orientation of making policy decisions based on profit and ideology, rather than facts.

Go here to join Black Out Speak Out.

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