marxism 2012 a smashing success

We've just returned from the Marxism 2012 conference, a weekend of inspiration, education, and revolution. I plan to transcribe all the talks that either I or Allan attended, either from notes or from audio files. And unlike last year, unless some crisis intervenes, I will make it a priority.

To come:

The global fight against austerity: from the ballot box to the street
Nikos Loudos (Greece), Judith Orr (UK), Andria Babbington, Monique Moisan (Quebec), Carolyn Egan

Egypt and the Arab World: the year of revolution
Member of Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists (by Skype), Yusur Al-Bahrani, Sid Lacombe

The 2012 Quebec student strike
Xavier Lafrance, Monique Moisan, Sibel Epi Atao─čul

Building rank & file resistance in labour
Carolyn Egan, Sung-Lim Kang, Jonathon Hodge, Jeff Ince, Pam Johnson

1965: Canada’s rank & file rebellion
Pam Johnson

'From each according to their ability': socialists & the disability movement
Melissa Graham, Michele MacAulay, Patricia Reilly

Too many people? The return of the population bombers
Ian Angus

Can we stop the Harper Agenda?
Brigette DePape, Tasha Peters, Ben Powless, Hadayt Nazami, Michelle Robidoux

'Never going back!' How women won abortion rights
Michelle Robidoux, Judith Orr

From Libya to Syria: revolution vs 'humanitarian intervention'
Jesse McLaren

Racism, Islamophobia & economic crisis
Nikos Loudos, Chantal Sundaram

What’s green about Marxism?
Bradley Hughes

Closing rally: global crisis, global resistance
Nikos Loudos, Judith Orr, Chantal Sundaram

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