i saw so much stupid, i got scared and ran away

I interrupt my Marxism 2011 notes to share with you a frightening vision. No, it wasn't a vision. It was glimpse of horrifying reality.

Last night I did a Twitter search for "Marxism". But in addition to looking for #Marxism, I also searched on the word, without the hashtag. Big mistake.

USians were tweeting en masse that Obama's new slogan "has long ties to Marxism". A few added sarcasm like "big surprise" or "lookee here," but most just repeated the bizarre notion verbatim.

As always, I am completely blocking out all US electoral politics. I don't know anything about the campaigns, because I already know everything about them, without knowing a single detail. If you've followed one US election campaign since 1980, you've followed them all. They only change by a matter of degree: they get worse and worse.

But before the advent of this new technology, we couldn't actually see the hundreds of thousands, the millions of people who buy this bullshit. The vision of all these ignorant people repeating strange, false information was scary as hell.

How easy it is to lead! One person gives them a one-word slogan. Another gives them a simple lie about the one-word slogan. And there you have it: what passes for "debate".

Obama as a Marxist. Obama as a Marxist. Can you think of anything more ignorant? If you can, please don't share it with me, my head will surely explode.

Now I will return to ignoring the quadrennial circus. I've learned my lesson. From now on, my Twitter searches will be limited to wmtc. At least I'll only see what the Williamstown Theatre Company is up to.

PS: Just in case one of those dittoheads finds this post and ignorantly assumes I am defending the warmongering POTUS, my opinion of both Obama and his opponents is spelled out in this excellent piece by my partner. Obama is just Dick Cheney with a pretty smile.

PPS: Doesn't everyone know socialists never say in one word what could be expounded on in three paragraphs, that we have to be reminded of the time limit, or dragged off the stage, or shouted down for going over time? Who ever heard of a socialist who could say anything in one word? One-word slogans are the fascist's best friend.

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