winnipeggers make us proud

Some welcome news from Winnipeg.
Some members of a controversial U.S. church group plan had announced plans to demonstrate at McLean's funeral.

Although no member of the group ever met McLean, they claim he lived an immoral and godless life, just like all other Canadians.

The group is notorious for protesting at military funerals across the United States.

No members of the U.S. church group showed up; but instead hundreds of strangers arrived at the church ready to block their planned protest. Winnipeg Police also showed up, in case of trouble.

McLean's family and friends stopped and thanked some of those who showed up outside the church.

Hundreds of people standing ready to protect a grieving, likely bewildered family - people they have never met - from further emotional harm. The picture brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, Winnipeg. Thank you, Canada.

* * * *

In this instance, I also must thank Stockwell Day for trying to keep those vile people out of the country. Now if he can see it clear to let peace activists in, and let US war resisters stay, we'll be all set.

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