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Check out these clips from discussion threads at the Toronto Star.
Why is Canada unique?

Regardless of Khadr's guilt or innocence (remember when people were innocent until proven guilty?), no one thinks he is being treated fairly at Guantanamo, or that he will receive a fair trial at the hands of the Americans. Every other country has managed to get its prisoners freed from Guantanamo. Why is Canada content to let this situation continue? Simply because Harper wants to impress Bush.

Posted by magnolia_2000 at 8:05 AM Saturday, July 26 2008

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McCain's gaffes are not so easily explained

In the one gaffe cited for Obama, he refers to Israel twice, which cannot be a factual error and seems likely due to fatigue. McCain's examples, on the other hand, are suspicious, and I am worried that they do indicate actual ignorance. (My opinion is influenced by the fact that I have seen other examples in which he frequently contradicts his own claims, and doesn't seem to be clear on what he believes.) Even if you want to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, how do you explain his references to Czechoslovakia?

I'm sure he's busy, but I'm not buying that excuse.

Posted by magnolia_2000 at 9:49 AM Thursday, July 24 2008

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CSIS continues the spying...

Anyone who thinks that the RCMP's behaviour is a "sign of the times" should take a closer look at CSIS. CSIS continues this behaviour today. Our tax dollars are wasted as they follow around anti-war (and other) activists - as if pacifists are a potential terrorist threat.

Posted by magnolia_2000 at 7:18 PM Tuesday, August 05 2008

Mags is still trying to post here, under several different names - all virulently racist and sexist spew. Yet at The Star, he's progressive. Weirdest. Troll. Ever.

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