let them stay: keep up the fight

The War Resisters Support Campaign is in full swing, working to prevent the deportation of Jeremy Hinzman, his spouse Nga Nguyen, their six-year-old son and three-week-old baby.

Forcing them to leave Canada is inhumane, unnecessary and vengeful. It is also clearly against the will of the majority of Canadians, who - in poll after poll, and with their signatures on tens of thousands of petitions - show their support for allowing conscientious objectors to stay in Canada.

And most importantly, this deportation is against the democratic process! On June 3, Parliament passed a motion calling on the Government to allow war resisters to remain in Canada. The Harper Government continues to ignore it.

Canada isn't making these people leave. Harper is.

Our meeting last night was brimming with anger and frustration. But that anger only strengthens our resolve. We will not let this stand.

Join us. If you've ever been moved by this issue, now is the time to bring your feelings to action. Here are three things you can do:

  • In Toronto, attend an emergency public meeting of the War Resisters Support Campaign on August 20, at the Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street. Show up. Learn more. Get involved. After the meeting, there's a fundraiser - music and beer - down the street at Grossman's Tavern.

  • Everywhere, help make the September 13 Day of Action a success. Organize a local action. It's not that hard to do: the national campaign can supply materials, and depending on where you live, a war resister as a speaker. Rally, picket, demonstrate. Be public. Show your outrage.

    Contact the campaign for materials and to tell us what you're planning: 416.598.1222, resisters@sympatico.ca.

  • Read the most recent War Resisters Support Campaign press release and circulate it widely.

  • Tell Immigration Minister Diane Finley to use her power to stop deportation of war resisters and allow war resisters to stay in Canada. Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Let The War Resisters Stay!

    The Right Hon. Stephen Harper

    The Hon. Diane Finley

    Tell the Government to respect Parliament and implement the June 3rd motion in support of war resisters staying in Canada.
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