ouch! and i mean the real kind of ouch

Is there something strangely fitting about spending the anniversary of the day we moved to this great country partaking of our publicly financed health care? Allan's in the hospital, in excruciating pain - and a lot of morphine. It seems to be a kidney stone, but we haven't gotten an exact diagnosis yet. It still could be his appendix.

This morning he had what he thought were cramps. When it got very severe, and he was sweating and nauseated, I said, come on, we're going to the hospital. Driving 120 km/hour on Hurontario Street - that's a first for me! Allan was hyperventilating the whole way.

Now he's got a ton of morphine in him, and it still hurts. The doc said she thinks of kidney stones as the male equivalent of labour pains.

Everything is going as well as it possibly could in the hospital. Except for the pain part. I just came home to take care of the dogs and do a few things, then I'm heading back. Hopefully he'll have the CT scan soon, and we'll come home with a lot of pain meds and a cranky but healthy boy.

JoS friends: we should probably thread at Ish's place or elsewhere. Thanks in advance for all your good wishes, which I know are on the way. Love you guys.

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