war resisters campaign update: how you can help

Last week I blogged about some upcoming events for the War Resisters Support Campaign. Here's an update.

  • Last week's planned trip to Guelph was postponed, but we're on for this Saturday, August 9.

    A group of resisters and campaigners have been taking road trips every Saturday, meeting local supporters in "soft" Tory ridings - areas where Conservative MPs squeaked into their seats by small margins. They've been having great success gathering signatures on our petition and raising awareness - and almost always end up in the local paper on Monday morning.

    Guelph is important right now, with an upcoming by-election. If you're in the area and would like to join them for an hour or so, contact resisters@sympatico.ca or 416.598.1222.

  • In Toronto, on Wednesday, August 20, 8:30 p.m. join us at Grossman's Tavern for music by Chloe Watkinson and the Crossroads. Music starts at 8:30, and all proceeds benefit the War Resisters Support Campaign.

    Resisters have a huge amount of legal and travel expenses on the horizon, and every little bit helps. Admission is $10, or what you can.

    Grossman's Tavern is at 379 Spadina, corner of Cecil Street, Toronto.

  • Finally, and most importantly, our National Day of Action is Saturday, September 13.

    We know that support for allowing US war resisters to remain in Canada is strong all across Canada. We need to make that support visible. We need your help to do it.

    No matter where you live, if you can help organize an event, you will be making a crucial contribution to the Campaign - and to the peace movement.

    An event doesn't have to be large to be significant. What matters is the sheer number of towns and cities in both Canada and the US that participate on September 13.

    It can be almost anything that brings people together: a small rally in a town square, a vigil in front of a consulate, a movie screening, a talk in a library - whatever you feel is appropriate. People from the national campaign can help you get started - and we'll try to supply you with a war resister to speak at the event.

    If you belong to a group that will support our efforts - peace, spiritual, labour, environmental, anything - please put it on your group's calendar and mobilize your membership for local action.

    Robin Long and James Burmeister are in prison because they refused to terrorize and kill innocent people. We must not let this happen to one more resister. Mark your calendar: September 13.
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