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A while back, I wrote about the many reasons to continue using my perceptually obsolete cell phone.

I've hung in there since then, but its end-time is soon approaching, as is the usefulness of my handheld computer. I'm going to need to replace both, so I'm looking for ideas of what's out there.

I've used my wonderful little HP iPAQ (picture here) for almost three years. It runs Pocket version of Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer, and syncs with my home computer. It's not a Blackberry - it needs a wireless signal to connect to the internet and get email - and it doesn't have a phone, but that was my choice. They do make models with phones.

I want to replace both my phone and my organizer, and maybe combine everything into one gadget, but not necessarily.

About the iPAQ, I no longer care about the PC functions. Once upon a time, it was very useful, but I really haven't used it as a computer since moving to my suburban lifestyle. Before the iPAQ, I had a Sharp Wizard - an electronic organizer that synced with my home computer (picture here) - and I'd actually go back to an upgraded version of something like that, if it included text and voice.

Here's what I don't care about:
- an iPhone or anything iPod-related
- music
- a camera
- a video camera
- TV

I realize some of those functions might be included anyway, but I'm not looking for them.

Here's what I need:
- a full qwerty keyboard
- full organizer capabilities (calendar, contacts, tasks lists, notes)
- ability to sync with my home computer - super important
- email/text


Update. In comments, I learned that the iPhone and iPod Touch could sync with my home PC. I didn't realize that, and now I'm more interested.

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