the cable guy

Cable Guy and Moving Guy struck me as Canadian "types". You know Scott Thompson's Kids In The Hall character who's a big Leafs fan, and goes home with businessmen after games? That's the closest description I can come up with. Although I'm not implying anything about Cable Guy or Moving Guy's sexual habits.

White dudes, they speak with a strong Canadian accent, and I swear, they do say "eh" after every third sentence. Cable Guy wore a baseball cap, and both Moving Guy and Cable Guy had earrings. They were both really sweet and friendly. Which is not to say American Cable Guys, UPS Guys and such are not friendly. But there was a lightheartedness and sweetness about these guys that you don't see in people who do those jobs in New York City.

I can't explain it any further. They just seemed... Canadian.

Cable Guy said, "So you're moving to boring Canada, eh?" When I asked him if he had ever been to New York City, he said no, but he hears everyone gets mugged as soon as you step foot in town. Then he said, You know, the way we all live in igloos and have penguins in our backyard. Love it.

Moving Guy has three dogs, two of which were abused rescues. He told me a story about a neighbor neighbour of his who was abusing a Rottweiler. Moving Guy called Animal Services; they were on it immediately, and have been following up regularly ever since. (Ironic, eh? In light of what was to happen a few hours later.) I expressed surprise and admiration that the province was so good about animal abuse, and he said, very seriously, We don't tolerate that here. I said, That sounds very Canadian. He said, yes, it is - and he wasn't joking.

Right now my own animals are beckoning, as well as half a million boxes. See you all later. Enjoy your weekend, I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours right now.

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I see you got right into saying eh, eh?