here is something weird

I am short. Five foot one inch, to be exact. I like being short and have never had a problem with my height, or lack thereof.

The people who built this house in the 1940s were very tall. They designed their kitchen specially for tall people.

Now, I am accustomed to using a step ladder to reach the top shelf of any kitchen. No problem. But in this kitchen, my kitchen, I have to stretch nearly to full height to reach the first shelf! It's a bit Alice In Wonderlandy.

There's plenty of cabinet space, but I'm not sure how useful most of it will be. Weird. (NN, naturally I thought of you.)


teflonjedi said...

Did you forget to convert yourself to metric as you crossed the border? ;)

laura k said...

Ha!! I suppose I did. So how little am I now?

teflonjedi said...

155 cm, or 1.55 meters.

Gotta be honest...my fellow Canadians, do residents of Canada still use feet and inches for folks' height, or did that part of the metric conversion finally take root, since I've been gone these past 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Metric is used on official documents, but most people use feet and inches when describing themselves and others.

Welcome to Canada.

Wrye said...

One writer, explaining why America would never go Metric, pointed to Canadians having fahrenheit on their ovens as well as metric, and argued that we all hate Metric. Arrrgh. No no no no no. We like the Metric system, but still keep a few of the more common, less-nonsensical imperial measures for comfort as kind of a paralell system. The change came in the late 70's though, so it's partially generational as well--people slightly younger than me have no idea what miles are and don't understand why I like to reckon by them. I suspect that they might even use centimetres for height, at that.

LG, just remember a litre is approximately a quart, 20 degrees is room tempertature, and get yourself a dual speedometer, and you'll be fine.

laura k said...

Thank you, Sharonapple!

Re metric, I'm trying to go all at once without conversions - just to get accustomed to the temperatures, speeds, distances, etc. in the far more logical and consistent system. I'll let you know how it goes. :)