staying home

Yesterday there was a big anti-war rally in Washington, with similar protests in London, Paris, Rome and other cities. It felt very strange not to be in DC. Certainly Allan and I would have taken the day off, arranged for dog-walking, and gone to Washington. We both feel it's our duty to do so.

But I was at home, doing errands and yard work, watching the Red Sox. Not good. (The day was good. Missing the demo was not.)

On the other hand, my taxes are no longer supporting that war. Very good.

As for the demonstration, it sounds like turnout could have been better, even by organizers' standards. But there was a decent amount of mainstream coverage, and more than stock footage of a guy with purple hair and facial piercings shouting "Death to the new world order".

Here's coverage from Reuters, AP (via CNN), BBC and the Globe and Mail.

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The New York Times has changed their website to make most of it - most of what I want to read, anyway - available only by subscription. I was hoping Common Dreams would still carry Krugman, Herbert and Rich, but I guess they don't want to pay either, or can't afford to. So it seems I will either permanently break my Times addiction, or I'll fork over forty bucks. Not sure which yet. I really miss Paul Krugman.


allan said...

And prominent Democrats -- including Howard Dean and John Kerry -- stayed far, far away.

Even with Kookoo Bananas's approval at 37% (which means he's likely really in the 20s.)

Spineless idiot cowards.

Anonymous said...

I was there -- first time I've gone to a march on Washington! It was a good protest, fairly peaceful, and it seemed like a pretty good turnout to me. Not as big as the one in NYC in 2003, but still good. Joan Baez showed up, too, which totally made my day.

Anonymous said...

Yay Kyth! So glad to hear you were there.

My good friend NN was there with her little daughter, too, so I got some good reports.

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