found in the house

found in house 002

Label reads:
Stop 8 Lakeshore Rd. Lakeview
Phone PORT CREDIT 2655
[handwritten on prescription label] Rose W__l

found in house 004

Label reads:
Jergen's Lotion
2 Effective Ingredients
[back label in French & English]
Helps Soften, Smooth the Skin
No Stickiness
Furnishes beautifying, softening moisture. Contains 2 effective ingredients many doctors use. Helps overcome roughness, chapping. Regular use helps prevent chapping.
Made in Canada
The Andrew Jergens Co. Ltd.
Perth, Ontario

found in house 001


barefoot hiker said...

I got something else for you... wish I had been able to take a picture. When I was driving on Don Mills Rd. about two hours ago, I was behind a sedan with the Ontario license plate LAURA K. No fooling. I did a double-take and wondered if it was you! But I thought, hell, they're renting a car, don't even have SIN cards yet... how could they have gotten a plate for a car they don't have? Confound the logic... I nearly waved. :)

laura k said...

That's so cool. I know what you mean, too - one part of your brain says, no way, the other part says, what if...?

If you had waved, you might have made a new friend. :)

We've talked about vanity plates. Some thoughts:
LANDA (L and A, my former email address)
and my personally favorite...

allan said...

So that little Toronto Star square piece of paper I found was in that closet for 53 years?

It doesn't seem possible.