friends and sushi

The internet is an amazing thing. We move to a country and a city where we don't know a soul - but really, we do, thanks to the blogosphere.

I've been suffering from sushi withdrawal since moving, wrenched from my Friday night sushi habit into what may be a sushi wasteland. (Or may not, we have to look more thoroughly.) Fortunately, Toronto is only a short drive away, and it appears to be sushi heaven.

First we saw James and Lori's really cool house in a downtown neighborhood. We had lunch in The Beaches, a neighborhood of beautiful old homes and an "urban village" that borders on Lake Ontario beachfront. Dispelling all myths about Canadian frugality, these generous Trontonians insisted on picking up the tab. Welcome to Toronto!

After lunch, we walked on the boardwalk, saw some of the neighborhood, and scarfed down delicious ice cream at Ed's.

Oddly enough, this was our first time in the city since moving - we've been so focused on our home and our neighborhood. But there's plenty of time to explore Toronto, and the afternoon reminded me that I really want to do that on a regular basis.

Today, Allan takes the plunge: he's registering with a legal staffing agency. We met with this company on our first visit to Toronto, one of two agencies that assured us there'd be plenty of well-paid work for us. Now we'll see how those assurances hold up.

Allan's bummed about the prospect of working again, and I don't blame him. When the time comes for me to find a day-job, I won't be too excited about it either. But it's been three weeks (three weeks today!) since we moved. Real life beckons.


Liam J said...

Mmmmm sushi......

I know how you feel. I took a promotion a few years back. The upside was more money and opportunities. The downside was that I had to move to an office with no decent restaurants in walking distance. Specially my favourite sushi place which was right around the corner. /sigh

Oh well, at least I save money brown bagging it.

Mitch said...

If you like sushi, you need to come to Vancouver. There's almost as many Sushi places here as there are coffee shops, which is to say that there are ALOT.

I heard that last year, more sushi apprentices came to Vancouver than to the rest of Canada combined!!!

How's the new place working out?

laura k said...

Another reason to visit Vancouver!

Wrye said...

I'll have the smoked salmon waiting for you.

laura k said...

Oh, how sweet. :)

James Redekop said...

There's almost as many Sushi places here as there are coffee shops, which is to say that there are ALOT.

I've never been to Vancouver, so I don't know about the sushi situation there, but around here it's pretty good. Our walk to our favourite walking-distance sushi place involves walking past three or four other places (depending on the route we take). So there's no shortage of choice!

Alana said...

Hi Laura! This is the college student, I left everyone many thanks in the last posting I made. But I wanted to tell you that I saw Allan's 9/11 research website where it told of Bush's actions the day of Sept 11. I'm taking a course called American Politica Satire after 9/11 and I was curious about a joke that was made at Bush's slowness at responding, so I decided to look up what he actually had been doing on that fateful day and the site your husband? (im not sure) contributed to was what I told my classmates to look at if they were interested! :-)

laura k said...

Hi Alana! Nice to see you here again. (I got your earlier comments, too - thanks and you're welcome!)

How great that you plugged Allan's article "An Interesting Day". It's a real eye-opener.

Allan is technically my common-law partner, we are not legally married, but we use husband and wife interchangeably, too. So that's fine. :)