what i'm watching: a reality show i just might watch

"It isn't Queer Eye," says Scott Thompson. "You've never seen anything like this before.
It is bound to be controversial. But then, Scott Thompson knows all about controversy.

Fortunately, he also knows all about entertaining and amusing, which is as much or more what "My Fabulous Gay Wedding" is about than pushing any sort of social/political agenda.

The daring six-part tryout series, debuting Wednesday night at 10 on Global, puts a same-sex spin on your basic make-a-wedding "reality" show, giving host Thompson and a crack team of planners, caterers and stylists a mere two weeks to throw together an elaborate thematic nuptial event, tailor-made to a particular male or female couple's tastes.

For example, the opening show, a Scottish-themed affair that had both bridegrooms, the show host, celebrity guest Ashley McIsaac and a chorus-line of muscled dancing boys all going commando in kilts.

Next week's episode, a lesbian wedding, features special guest comic/singer Lea DeLaria.

"There is one part they cut out that I'm really upset about," complains Thompson. "Lea comes in, and she's wearing this beaver hat, and she tells me, 'I always wear my beaver hat whenever I come to Canada.' And I go, 'Well, then what's your beaver wearing?'"
I love Scott Thompson!

Thanks, Scott. I needed that. Between Thompson and Whitman (two gay boys!) I can shake off the sadness and get to work.


Anonymous said...

Just another reality show.

There is the argument of exposure of the gay marriage issue, but at what price?

Like everything else that gets the glitter treatment (Marry A Millionaire? Fat Obnoxious Fiance?) this one is destined to simply become a joke. Too bad because it is an important issue. But as a reality series? These things always become too much about themselves, to the point where the viewer begins to say "why does this matter?", which I'm sure is the last thing these guys are going for.

Be careful with this one, Scott - overexposure is as much a killer as underexposure - possibly even more.

laura k said...

Of course it's a joke. I can't imagine it's intended any other way.

I don't think a show like this needs any argument to defend it. It's just there - funny or not, to enjoy or ignore, like any other show.

True acceptance has to include stupid stuff like this.

(I was only kidding about watching it, though. The only things I watch are baseball and Jon Stewart.)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning L-Girl