Sometimes several things we love come together. Redsock, in his baseball guise, sent me this link to some baseball poetry. Specifically, limericks. For example:
The Yankees are sitting in last.
Steinbrenner cries, "I'm aghast!
I have a bill
For 200 mill!
Gimme my victories, fast!"
Baseball Toaster has written one for each MLB division. (It's a really nice blog. Scroll down to see his lovely tribute to a former professor.)

This Toaster guy has found an entire dictionary (or dictionary-in-progress) being written in limericks! Really! It's called the OEDILF: The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form.

You have to see it believe it. An example from today's "recently approved limerick" listing:
The apostrophe's often abused:
It gets battered, and bruised, and misused.
On a plural, a blight;
For possessives, just right,
Barring "its", which leaves people confused
And following the limerick is a concise definition of the word. I especially love that he's retaining the name of the contributor for each entry, a nice touch that will attract more people. Go. Give it a try.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thanks for this information!
Looks interesting.

allan said...

Actually, Baseball Toaster is a collection of blogs. (I love the logo!!) This guy is named Score Bard.

SB doesn't write about a specific team, though, and he used to have his own site "Humbug" -- where you can find his Periodic Table of Blogs.

laura k said...

Ah, I thought Score Bard was his posting name.

That Periodic Table is crazy. So much random creativity out there.