Before the day is over, let me wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo. Today is the best Cinco de Mayo because it's 2005: 05.05.05.

I always note dates like that: January 1, 2001 (01.01.01) or February 2, 2002 (02.02.02). Don't even get me started on palindromes. I love palindromes. Naturally the best time of day is 12:21.

Not so, Boston.


David Cho said...

Hmm, my thing is this

Crabbi said...

I like this.

laura k said...

David: I love it! Redsock likes that kind of thing too. Do you like odometers, too? Wait for it to click over to a "good number"?

Crabletta: I always think of that song!

One day I'll have to have a dog named Hannah. Or Anna. Or maybe just Bob.