we're in wapo

Wmtc is in the Washington Post! Whoo-hoo!

I've had a big uptick in traffic, but didn't know where it was coming from (no thanks to Technorati), until a nice Canadian emailed to laugh at Howard Kurtz. Howie's take? It's not coercion unless I say it is - so there!

I give up. This is ridiculous. I am not getting any work done today so I might as well make a cup of tea and rest my brain.


Anonymous said...

So cool.

It's funny when you begin simply writing for yourself, how the path to recognition can simply unfold on its own. Here you are documenting your story, and your thoughts on the state of the current world, in your own journal. A few readers develop and it becomes a sort of forum for a community interested in those same issues you discuss. People keep referring, search engine spiders pick it up, and all of a sudden there is the times writing about blogs, coming across yours for likely a combination of those last two occurrances (references and indexes).

Simply amazing how that all seems to flow on its own. And so fun to watch from the outside.

Congrats on all your success with not just the move, but the community you have managed to cultivate out of the simplest of things - a public journal. It is truly something special.

Keep writing, so I can keep reading! Thanks so much for this blog!

Julia B

Anonymous said...

Ooops I meant to say the Post.

Oh well, doesn't really matter. The song remains the same.


laura k said...

Thanks so much, Julia B. (I knew what you meant.)

The whole process amazes me, too. (The whole friggin internet amazes me!)

I love to visit blogs of people who comment here, and see our little community there, too, with slight variations. I love all the connectedness.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement. Feel free to wander around the archives!