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Two things I love coming together. Minus the corporate ad, anyway.

stones fenway


Anonymous said...

I love the baseball stitching on the tongue. It's a nice touch. I wonder if the designers of that had any clue that pre-Stones, Jagger bit off the tip of his tongue playing basketball, giving that certain sneering edge to his voice. Would be really cool if they did, but something tells me it's just random odd coincidence.

(as you can see I'm a Stones geek)

laura k said...

They have used that tongue logo very creatively over the years. This one was designed just for the Fenway concert. I really like it. (Of course I join you in Stones geekdom.)

Anonymous said...

You have to love inspired creativity.

Best is still the original "Sticky Fingers" vinyl. The photo of the jeans with the famously placed sock has an actual zipper attached. You pull it down to reveal the tongue and lip logo.

I'm still looking to find that one ... I did recently pick up the vinyl "Beggers Banquet", unfortunately with the altered (as in 'clean') cover ... looking for the one with the graffiti cover that originally got banned (seen it only on CD release so far).

laura k said...

Those are two of the best album covers of all time - Sticky Fingers maybe the best ever.

I believe we have both of those in original - in dustcovers next to the more common versions. But we've been at it a lot longer than you.

And how about the original Exile on Main Street, with the postcards? Besides a great cover, that's my pick for Best Album of All Time. Best band + their best album = best album. When Allan was a music critic, he used to say that was the only higher math he ever learned.

Don't you just LOVE vinyl?

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... my father's Elvis collection is knee-high when stacked up. I just love the slight static in the sound ... such charm to that.

And yes, Exile is one of the greatest albums ever released ... its greatness lies in the fact that there is no one big hit that stands out on the album; rather, each song is actually very, very good throughout. That is a rare feat for any artist to accomplish (maybe the Beatles came close with Please Please Me or With The Beatles), and is the true marker of an amazing album. I put Springsteen's Born To Run in that category also, not to mention Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited.

laura k said...

I believe our friend Sleepybomb is a big vinyl fan too.

G, what are your top ten desert-island disks? Off the top of my head: Exile, Blood On The Tracks, Born To Run, Court and Spark... here I slow down a bit, don't want to go to the island without The Clash or Elvis Costello, but which ones... London Calling, I guess...

Allman Bros at Fillmore East, Complete Muddy Waters (am I allowed a complete boxed set? sure, what the hell...)

Maybe I'll do a music post and ask everyone for to submit a list.

I can't believe how little work I'm getting done today. I think my head is still spinning from the recent news.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Disks ... hmmm ... got to mix it up a bit ... hard to pick 10 faves. Got about thirty in mind. Oh well.

Five classics for the isle:

1/ Exile On Main Street, The Rolling Stones

2/ Please Please Me, The Beatles

3/ Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan

4/ Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen

5/ Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

I'll toss in five more recent ones (as in post-1990) also ... good to have variety on the isle.

6/ Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

7/ Radiohead, The Bends

8/ Velvet Revolver, Contraband

9/ Weezer, Green Album

10/ Sam Roberts, We Were Born In A Flame

laura k said...

Yeah, I want an island with a good age-range, so we get lots of different music. I wouldn't be happy if I never heard Duke Ellington or Benny Goodman again. And someone better bring some Hank Williams. (Hank SR that is!)

Anonymous said...

On the bubble are Thievery Corp (Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi), Koop (Waltz for Koop), Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), Coldplay (A Rush of Blood To The Head), Soulfly (self-titled), The Velvet Underground & Nico, The Doors (LA Woman), The Cure (Disintegration), Soundgarden (Superunknown), Everclear (World of Noise), and Green Day (American Idiot).

I could go on but I'll stop there. What is that, another ten? Can we just make the rule 20 to bring to the island? Would make things so much easier ...

laura k said...

Uh-oh, you gotta stick to 10. It forces you to distinguish between good and great.

I like a lot of the bands you name on this round, but do they really make the Top Ten list? A band like Green Day or Soundgarden is perfectly good, but great is something else entirely.

Anonymous said...

Matter of taste, my dear.

And that's the beauty of music.

What's great is rarely universally agreed upon ... different strokes move different worlds, I suppose.

Plus this way I won't have to worry about you going into pirate mode and swinging by my island to swipe my CDs.


Anonymous said...

Besides, if it's my island, I'll bring what I like to listen to.

Maybe a Roger Whittaker Xmas ablum, just to scare intruders away ...


laura k said...

L-girl on iPAQ:

It is definitely what's wonderful about music.

I do think there's a difference between what we like (subjective) and what's great (objective), tho. Eg, the Beatles were undeniably great, but I don't care for them much. OTOH, I love many fun bands but I know they're not great musically.

Same goes for any art, I think. But people could argue endlessly over what is truly great.

I think we should each take ten albums, make sure there's no overlap, and build a collection...

But please leave the Roger Whittaker At home?! :-)

Anonymous said...

That I can do.

I would only employ the Whittaker as a strategic defense to keep intruders off my island.