overheard elsewhere

Whew! That was quite the discussion we had going on. Thanks for all your thoughts, your patience with each other, and your page views.

However, you may have scared away ALPF! I will await your return, my friend.

Back in the discussion about racism (notice how the post wasn't even about racism?), Sassypants - who I believe is Sassycat wearing trousers - said: "I started to write a response about some of the stuff discussed here, and it really just sort of snowballed into a blog entry. A really really long one. So, go read it there, if you'd like." "There" is here. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I will, as soon as I post this.

Which reminds me: the rampant commenting and replying has taken me away from the blogs I try to read regularly. So if I've been absent from your discussions, it's your own fault! I plan on catching up at work this weekend.

Also, someone left an interesting comment about breed-specific dog bans, way back here. I don't know who wrote it and can't verify her/his credentials, but there it is. Anything that helps educate about pits is worth linking to.


Anonymous said...

I'm over my fear



Sass said...

Oh man. "Sassypants." Wow. I just laughed for about ten minutes over that. I don't know what got into me. I think I was quite tired when I finally finished the entry, and not only did I forget the link (!), I called myself Sassypants.
Maybe Sassypants is my more serious and authoritarian alter ego?

Sass said...

...but when you log into blogger to comment, doesn't it do it automatically? I'm confused.
anyway, it's still funny.

laura k said...

It's supposed to log you in automatically, but sometimes it doesn't. (Maybe you had cleared the cookies on your PC? Or some such.)

I thought you did it purposely. It's even funnier now!