ontarians, what are you doing this saturday? come to queen's park to demand a fair budget

When Dalton McGuinty appointed a banker to assess the province's budget priorities, he got exactly what he expected: a recommendation to cut jobs and shred public services, while leaving corporate tax cuts intact. The proposed budget cuts will affect every aspect of our lives: health care, child care, education, pensions. The Ontario budget promises to destroy what's left of the social safety net, while the banking industry - the people who created the financial crisis - walk off rich and happy. Billions of dollars in corporate tax cuts could be used to create jobs and ensure basic survival for people in need.

This Saturday, April 21, Ontarians will come together to tell McGuinty that this is not a strategy for economic recovery. We need jobs. We need social services. And corporations and banks must pay their fair share.

WHEN: Saturday, April 21, 3:00 to 5:00

WHERE: Queen's Park, Toronto

WHY: Demand prosperity, not austerity!

To find transportation near you, contact a union about getting a seat on their bus. If you're in the GTA, join in to make your voice heard.

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