linkathon part 1: hawkcam 2012

I have a bunch of links I want to share, and no real post for any of them. I think readers don't like linkathons, so I'm putting each link in a separate post. Coincidentally, many are from the same source, so kudos to the The New York Times for an abundance of interesting reading during my work weekend.

* * * *

Say hello to Hawkcam 2012! For the second year, the Times is streaming live from the nest of a red-tailed hawk, where little fuzzy roundheads are peeping about.

Watch live streaming video from nytnestcam at livestream.com

I love birds of prey, and I love urban creatures, so I double-love the hawks who make their homes among us. There's a hawk nest outside the Steelworkers Hall in Toronto, so we frequently see hawks from the window of the War Resisters Support Campaign office. We once watched a hawk devour its dinner, probably a rat. It was kind of amazing thing to see, right outside the window.

You can also follow the New York city hawks at the hawkcam blog.

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