still no election?!

So now the Liberals are making noises about passing the Conservative budget next week, yet again putting off an election. I had heard this through the grapevine for the past several weeks, but was hoping it wasn't true. Now it looks like it is.

God, these Liberals makes me sick! Still doing nothing, still propping up this Tory government, all the while looking weaker and more foolish by the day. Stephen Harper must be thanking his lucky stars for his secret weapon: St├ęphane Dion.

The silver lining, for me, is that many people in the War Resisters Support Campaign believe it's better for us - that is, for the resisters - if we don't have an election yet. I don't completely agree, but if they're right, then this is welcome news.

About the resisters, there isn't much I can report publicly. Our motion, our entire presence, has been pushed off the Parliamentary map by Afghanistan and election talk. We are working on ways to regain the momentum we had following the Committee vote and the Day of Action. For at least four families, the deportation process looms.

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