iraq moratorium # 6

Today is the sixth Iraq Moratorium. Please consider what you can do to make your opposition to the US's occupation of Iraq visible to the public.

Wear a peace button.

Write "NO WAR" on a piece of paper and hang it in your cubicle at work.

Put a peace sign in your window, or your windshield.

Join a lunch-time vigil.

Write a letter to your local newspaper.

Tape a "US OUT OF IRAQ" sign on a park bench.

Write your US representative.

Write out a campaign contribution cheque to one of the candidates - then write VOID UNTIL WAR STOPS across it.

Actions start small, and they grow. On the third Friday of January, a few churches in New England rang their bells at noon. This month more churches have joined them. In October, people in Hobart, Indiana organized "Mall Walks" - they walked around malls wearing t-shirts protesting the war. Last month, six other groups around the country did the same. This month... who knows. For ideas, encouragement, support and solidarity, go here.

If you can't take part personally, perhaps you can donate to a peace group.

There are 94 actions listed on the Iraq Moratorium website. If you Google your town and "peace and justice," you might find more.

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