You folks are awesome. Wmtc is a finalist in all three categories for which it was nominated in the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards.

The list of finalists is here.

In the category of Best Political Blog, one of the two other finalists is none other than Idealistic Pragmatist. Our blog-friend IP is without a doubt the better political blogger - in fact, she's my favourite - plus her blog is solely political. So I hope you will vote for her in that category. I will.

The award I would most like to win is Best Activist Blog. Of course you are welcome to vote for wmtc for Best Canadian Feminist Blog, although that seems kind of ridiculous.

Voting is Friday, February 22, and Saturday, February 23. I'll remind you.

Meanwhile, there are lots of terrific blogs on the finalist list. Click around, and maybe develop some new reads.

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