wmtc the obsession

You remember this post, a brief history of wmtc trolls? It was reprinted in shorter (better) version at The Mark.

Many of the trolls featured in that story are still around, continuing to post comments that I reject, unread. Some of them have been doing this for years. Hard to believe, but true. I still wonder about the psychology behind this, but anything I come up with is pure conjecture.

There's another species of obsession that I find through Statcounter. In "came from" I will find the URL of a forum, where someone has shared a wmtc link and is slagging me. The wmtc-hating post is completely off-topic; it never has any connection to the thread. The poster clearly has taken more than a passing glance at wmtc, although he's not one of the regular trolls whose coments I reject. He knows the topics I write about, whatever I share of my personal life, my opinions on various things. He (I'm sure he's male) claims to hate me and everything I stand for. So why is he reading my blog?

I recently posted this.
Did you know Allan and I are ...
Fucking hippies, thinking they're so smart and all by being anti-everything except promiscuos sex, indie music and converse sneakers. oh and leftist lesbian poetry too.

I lifted that from one of these forum posts. (This wasn't him, it was a response to the link. He knows I don't write poetry!) In the span of a week, I found similar postings at four different forums. The guy uses different names and different avatars, but it's fairly obvious that it's the same person. It seems like he is always at the ready with a wmtc post to paste and deride.


That's all I keep wondering. Why?

He is prone to saying that everything about me and wmtc "makes me rage". There are countless blogs out there that would make me rage, too. So I don't read them.

Why would someone who hates everything I write come here, and why would they share my posts with all their communities?

I'm not implying wmtc is unique in being the object of obsessive wingnuttery. This must be a common phenomenon. But why? Why?

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