c-440 help wanted, take two


The War Resisters Support Campaign has distributed our entire first printing of 5,000 postcards. Hopefully we'll receive a large percentage of those back, signed. Now we have a fresh batch of 5,000 typo-free postcards ready to make their way around Canada.

Can you take 30 cards, get them signed, and return them to us by March 31? 25 cards? 10 cards? Every single card counts.

Many US war resisters in Canada are at risk for deportation back to the States, where they'll face court martial and prison time. Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney would rather kiss up to the US military than allow Canada to be a haven for people of conscience. This is a pretty easy way to get involved.

Check out our postcard campaign, and if you want cards, email me: movetocanada at gmail.


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