war resister marc hall forcibly deployed to iraq

Volunteer army my ass. From Veterans for Peace:
Two weeks ago, you signed an email to the Army to support Spc. Marc Hall in his struggle to remain in the United States for his court martial for allegedly threatening military officers in a protest rap song he wrote.

Attorneys for Marc had filed a petition with the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Georgia on February 14 in an attempt to stop the Army from transferring Marc to Iraq. The petition was denied by a Georgia Federal Court.

Marc did fly out of Georgia to Iraq this weekend. According to his military defense JAG, Marc was flown from Hunter Army Airfield headed to Balad, Iraq. From there he will be transported to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Marc's military JAG was formally notified yesterday that he will be appointed to the upcoming Article 32 Investigation in either Kuwait or Iraq.

He reports that the Army is going forward with a General Court Martial which will subject Marc to years in prison and a dishonorable discharge. The Army is now citing 11 violations of Article 132 going into the Article 32 hearing.
The Army set March 6 (a week from now!) for the Article 32 hearing, "even though neither Hall nor I are in country yet," explained the JAG. This is basically an Army tactic to force the defense to ask for a delay (which will be granted). Marc will now be parked in a Kuwait jail on the Army's timeline as the Army can now declare that they offered a "speedy trial"--but the defense declined.

More about Marc Hall at Stop Loss Music.

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