coulter in canada discussion thread

Many readers seem to want me to post about the Ann Coulter incident: her recent speech in London, Ontario, the cancellation of her appearance in Ottawa, her "human rights" (quotes necessary!) complaint with fellow wingnut Ezra Levant, free speech issues, and so on.

Of course I have no time to write anything, with two deadlines looming, but if you'd like to discuss it here, feel free!

I can only offer a huge cheer for the students at University of Ottawa who used their freedom of speech to say no to bigoted buffoonery.

I have no problem with Coulter being allowed in Canada. Why not? If there's no audience for her "ideas" (yeah, right), they won't be heard, as the students in Ottawa showed. But Ann Wright, George Galloway, and Amy Goodman should have no problem getting in either.

Okay, that's more writing than I should have done. Enjoy.

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