please email your m.p. about bill c-440

One more week until both my final papers are due. I'm on pace to turn in two beautiful papers, on time. Amazingly, to me, I'm even enjoying the writing.

Whatever extra time I can squeeze out, I'm choosing to put into the Campaign instead of blogging. I'll have a crazy-long list of things to blog about, beginning April 7!

Meanwhile, if you care about US war resisters in Canada - if you care about peace - if you want Canada to reflect your Canadian values - please do this today.

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E-mail your M.P. now to support Iraq War resisters and Bill C-440

In only a matter of a few weeks, Parliament could be debating and voting on Bill C-440, a bill that would make legally binding two motions that have already passed in the House of Commons in support of U.S. Iraq War resisters. Bill C-440 sends a message to the Harper government that the will of the majority in support of war resisters cannot be ignored.

In addition to the nearly 10,000 Bill C-440 postcards that supporters are gathering across Canada, we are asking you to take a few minutes today and directly contact your M.P. to ask them to support Bill C-440.

Here's the form online; it only takes a few minutes to e-mail your M.P.:

Canadians are proud of the fact that we refused to send our soldiers into an unsanctioned and immoral war. Even a majority of Americans think Canada did the right thing by not participating.

Canada has an honourable tradition of offering sanctuary to Americans who object to wars not sanctioned by the United Nations and want to live a life of peace, free from persecution. During the Vietnam War, Canada welcomed tens of thousands of American war resisters who have contributed greatly to our society.

US Iraq War resisters still face deportation and the threat of jail for doing the right thing. Take action today to make sure your M.P. knows you want Bill C-440 passed.

Send an e-mail to your M.P. here.

More information and updates on Bill C-440 here.

Organized by the War Resisters Support Campaign.

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