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I'm not a big fan of stand-up comedy, but one comedian I really like is Lewis Black. He's never been as funny or as cutting as the first time we saw him, broadcast from Tompkins Square Park on New York's lower east side, but he still really makes me laugh. (Naturally I love his politics, but that alone is not enough for me to like someone's comedy.)

Last night I caught a bit of his "Black on Broadway" on the Comedy Network. Thank goodness Canada isn't afraid of putting certain four-letter words on the air; the US's Comedy Channel would bleep the fuck out of Black's stand-up.

In case you haven't seen this, I have to report the Obligatory Canada Reference. Black was holding forth about Americans who declare the US the greatest nation in the world, and how obnoxious that is. "You know how I know it's obnoxious?" he ranted. Because (paraphrasing here), if there was a guy who worked in your office who kept popping in all day to say 'I'm the greatest fucker here!', you'd want to bash his head in.

Black points out that many people who claim the US is the greatest country on earth have never been to another country.
There are people who have never left the country who talk about how it's the greatest country on earth. How would they know? There could be countries where they give shit away for free every day. [pause] Canada is one of those countries. You know what they give away free there? [pause] Health insurance!!
I notice Black is playing Toronto's Massey Hall in October.

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