Of known friends of wmtc...

They moved to Canada: (political defectors unless otherwise noted)
A&S (no blog) (arrived three days before us!)
Alex E of Canadian Yankee
Alex K of What does this win mean to the team (moved here for work, I believe)
CaliGirl in PEI, since August 2002
Diamond Jim of Worst Attitude (arrived June 2005)
Idealistic Pragmatist (the smartest of us all - here since 1997!)
Katrinka Bobinka of Katrinka Thinks (moved here when she married a Canadian)
Matt of This Nurse and partner YYZBoy of YYZ Life (arrived June 2005)
Mollie in Victoria (no longer blogging, and I miss her!)
Nick and Mason of Life Without Borders (arrived two days ago!)
Pearl of Notes To A Nameless Daughter
Tornwordo of Sticky Crows
Tresy in Victoria (no blog)
and of course
Yours truly and my esteemed partner (arrived August 30, 2005)

They're moving to Canada:
Daniel and Alan of Would Be Canadians
MSEH of Two Moms To Canada
John and Gito of Wondrous Canadian Renewal (approved!!)
Tom and Emilio of Canadian Hope
Riin of Riin's Rants (saving money - buy her yarn!)
West End Bound and drf of Moving To Vancouver
at least 50 other people who email me for information, but don't have blogs that I know of.

Canadians who returned from other countries, or are trying to:
Sassy Says
Andrea's Rambling Notes
Expat Traveler

Canadians in exile:
htrouser, a Canadian who defected to the US and became an American, to stem the tide of lefties leaving the country (or so he claims!)

I'm sure I've overlooked somebody. If I have, my apologies, and please let me know!

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