File this under the "Harper is acting moderately to gather support, then after he wins a majority, he will show his true ultra-conservative colours" school of thought.

As you know from my past posts, although I dislike Harper's Conservatives, I'm not overly concerned about their effect on Canada at this stage of the game. However, I emphatically recognize the need for them not to get a majority government. I'm very clear on that.

Thus when I saw the cover of the current issue of The Walrus, I flinched. It shouts: "Jesus in the House: Is the religious right taking over Stephen Harper's government?" The cover story, by Marci McDonald, is titled Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons: The rising clout of Canada's religious right.

I haven't read the article yet. I've been avoiding it, as the prospect of said rising clout is so sickening. But I can't dismiss the question. When the religious right in the US started consolidating its power through the courts and state legislatures in the early 1980s, under Ronald Reagan's approving gaze, most Americans paid no attention. And look what happened.

I'll try to read the story soon and report back. You can do the same.

And just so we're clear, the problem isn't religion, or religious people. It's religion in government. The only way for all of us to be free to practice our respective religions or practice no religion, as we wish, is through a strict separation of religion and government. In other words, do what you please, just stay out of my business. The vast majority of Canadians recognize this, and want a secular state. Is there a stealth campaign going on to undermine that?

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