pup story, part 1

A question in comments reminded me of a little adventure we had, some 10 years ago.

We were going to rent a car for the day, to drive up to Connecticut, to visit an old friend. Peter is the surviving partner of a friend of mine who died of AIDS. He lived in a 350-year-old house in Connecticut, with two little dogs (terriers of some type, but I can't remember the breed). We didn't know Peter well, it was just a connection we all wanted to make.

The rental car place in our neighbourhood used the parking lot of an adjacent gas station. In that parking lot, we saw a little dog, curled up on the asphalt. By itself. I don't remember if we talked to it or just looked at it, but we forced ourselves to drive away.

We got no more than a few blocks away before I started to cry. This dog's entire life changed because I was PMS. I was overcome with sadness over the dog. We had to go back.

The dog was still at the gas station. It turned out to be female, and friendly, and very young - a puppy. We coaxed her into the car, thinking we could interest a dog-rescue family in our building to take her for the day. Well, I was thinking that. Allan was thinking I was crazy.

Our dog-rescue neighbours were expecting company, with a baby. I called Peter and asked if we could bring three dogs instead of two.

Gypsy, Clyde and Puppy (as she was quickly known) shared the back seat the whole way to Connecticut. They spent the day romping and playing in Peter's backyard. I dug these pictures up. Our camera was malfunctioning, so they're not very good, but you can get an idea.

puppy time009

Kissing Allan's ear: Clyde. Snuggled under Allan's other arm: Gypsy. Sniffing Clyde: Puppy.

puppy time007

Allan with Puppy under one arm, Clyde in the other hand, turning around to see if Gypsy needs anything, and being approached by one of Peter's little guys.

puppy time010

Showing off Clyde's high jump, with Gypsy looking on.

puppy time005

Clyde The Dog, sweetest dog in the world.

puppy time006

The magnificent Gypsy.

We had a lovely day. People and dogs all got along great. The drive back was quiet, all the dogs tuckered out. Gypsy and Clyde had no problem with Puppy. That is, until we got home.

The moment we were about to step foot and paw in our apartment, Gypsy and Clyde made it clear Puppy was not welcome. They seemed to be glaring at us. "She's coming in here???"

She was.

To be continued.

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