It's taken me just over one year, but now I know this place is really my home: I've organized my first baseball outing.

Tonight, we'll see the Red Sox play the Blue Jays - sadly, a battle for second place - with friends we've met entirely through wmtc. Attending along with me and Redsock, will be Diamond Jim, James, his partner Lori, Matt of This Nurse and his partner YYZBoy. Five American defectors and two Canadian sympathizers!

The game is the Blue Jays' last home game of the season, and our last glimpse of our Red Sox before the long baseball-less winter. But I look forward to the winter. Following baseball is a full-time job, and I need a vacation.

This was an extremely disappointing season for Red Sox fans, the team starting out so strong, then being utterly decimated by injuries. And I do mean decimated - at times, nearly the entire starting lineup and a fair portion of the pitching staff were all hurt at the same time.

Because of my strange team history, and the religious conversion I underwent during the summer of 2003, this is the first time my team won't be in the playoffs since 1995. It's a lesson in humility: how the other half lives.

If you're in Toronto, let me know if you'd be interested in going to a game next season. (M@, you're already down.) Two things to note, if I plan it: it will be a weeknight, and it will be the Red Sox.

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