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I received an email from an author of another "how to move to Canada" book, asking for a plug. Terese Loeb Kreuzer and Carol Bennett have written How To Move To Canada: A Primer for Americans.

I thought about turning wmtc into a how-to book, and was excited about the idea for while. But I wasn't motivated to do the additional research that would make a book applicable to situations other than my own, and - more importantly - wasn't interested in doing the publicity that would be needed to get it out there. I've done book publicity, and I'm pretty good at it, but I'm not really interested in doing it again.

Then there's the fact that a book like this can become obsolete by the time it hits the shelves. CIC changes procedures often, and they don't check with writers to see if they mind. So I decided against it.

However, other people decided differently! I hope Americans find their resources helpful. The other current book I know of is Jo Davenport's The Canadian Way.

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UPDATE. Wmtc always has new visitors looking for information on emigrating to Canada, so I'd like to clarify something about this post.

A reader informs me (in comments, below) that the book "How To Move To Canada" actually gives scant attention to the immigration process. What's more, we Americans already here, and those of us on the way, all managed to figure out how to get the job done on our own, and by sharing information and comparing notes with each other. I haven't seen the book, and I don't want to discourage its sales, but it's obviously not essential. I'm living proof of that.

If you think you might want to emigrate to Canada, the place to start is at the CIC website. Happy reading!

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