Thanks for all your birthday wishes, my friends. Here's how I spent the day.

I had to get some work done in the morning, unfortunately, but it went well. Allan showered me with gifts and cards, as usual. The man is a great Birthday Guy. He says my Big Present is late, so yesterday's book, CDs and DVDs were "fill in" gifts. Cool!

We had tickets to The Real Thing, part of our Soulpepper subscription, but I decided to exchange them for another performance. I'm feeling too busy to relax and enjoy a play. Besides, working three nights a week, we already miss too much baseball. We decided to see the play when it doesn't conflict with the Red Sox. (James, what's that you said about fandom as a career...?)

So from the Soulpepper box office in the Distillery District, we walked over to the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. Many thanks to Genet for this excellent recommendation (seconded by Gazetteer). It was fabulous, and such an Allan and Laura kind of place. We sat at the bar, sampled many wines, ate small plates of yummy things (including perfect frites, no small find) and were generally very happy.

After Jamie Kennedy's, we got some amazing gelato at Solferino, among the best I've ever tasted, and ate it while walking up to Sam The Record Man. My birthday gift to myself was a CD-buying splurge. I haven't bought any music in well over a year, and I walked out with a nice bundle. I like that store so much better than the usual big-box chains.

On the way home, I called J, my oldest nephew, with whom I share a birthday. He lives in California now, and I hardly ever see him, but we always speak on our mutual day. (Another friend with whom I shared a birthday is gone now, dying tragically before he turned 50. Rhonda, my very dear friend who was his partner of 25 years, called me from England yesterday. I just wanted to mention Stephen here.)

We were home in time to catch the Red Sox - and what a game it was, we were so glad we didn't miss it. Unfortunately, what started out as a scintillating pitcher's duel ended as a devastating loss in the 12th inning. That's baseball for ya.

As I write this, it occurs to me I had a very Toronto birthday. It was, in fact, very similar to how I might have celebrated my birthday in New York. My life is very different now, living in a house in the suburbs, but when I want to renew my urban spirit, it's just moments away. Very cool.


Kate said...

Sorry I missed it, but a happy belated birthday all the same!

Masnick96 said...

Sorry I missed it Laura....but a very Happy Happy Birthday to you. Glad it was fun :-)


Genet said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I had the feeling from some of your posts that it would be your style!

Very glad to hear you had a great birthday! All the best!

laura k said...

Genet, it was amazingly on target. You are either highly perceptive or I'm a better writer than I think. Let's say both! :)

Thanks again. We're definitely putting the Wine Bar on our rotation. I'd also like to try the restaurant.

And thank you, Niko and Gary Coleman. :)

Nicole said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Happy Birthday!

Granny said...

Did I already say Happy Birthday? Anyhow, happy birthday. Twice is better than not at all.

laura k said...

I believe you did, so thank you twice. :)

Hi Nicole! Thanks!