krugman again

I know, I know, I should just provide a permanent link to Paul Krugman and get it over with. I'm sorry if I over Krugmanize you. He's just so... great.

Today's column is about the "liberal bias" in academia, and those who seek to right this terrible injustice. (New reader hint: that was sarcasm.)

Unlike the invisible liberal media bias, this bias appears to actually exist. Yes, it seems that people who value research, scholarship, study, the exchange of ideas, the search for facts and the sharing of information from a wide variety of cultures and sources tend to be liberals!

Krugman notes that Republicans outnumber Democrats in the military. It's not hiring bias. It's who chooses what field. Social scientists call it self-selection.

Krugman writes:
Consider the statements of Dennis Baxley, a Florida legislator who has sponsored a bill that - like similar bills introduced in almost a dozen states - would give students who think that their conservative views aren't respected the right to sue their professors. Mr. Baxley says that he is taking on "leftists" struggling against "mainstream society," professors who act as "dictators" and turn the classroom into a "totalitarian niche." His prime example of academic totalitarianism? When professors say that evolution is a fact.
Hey, I thought the Repubs wanted to limit all this frivolous litigation, these people who won't take responsibility for themselves running to the courts for everything? What, you say? That doesn't apply here? Funny how that works.

Here's my new slogan: Creationism. One more reason to move to Canada.

Crabletta, thanks for your recent excellent comments. I will reply as soon as Blogger fixes the comment function. BWV, if you're gloating, at least Blogger comments don't ask for three forms of ID before they let you through the door!

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Crabbi said...

Krugmanize away...he IS great. This latest attack is truly scary. Conservatives love to talk about going after the academy - yes, by all means let's rid ourselves of crazy notions such as evolution. Damn dirty apes!

I think David Horowitz is the brains behind the lawsuit thingy. Repubs and Freepers love to invoke his name because he used to be a "leftist." Roger "New Criterion" Kimball is another one to watch out for. And the guy who wrote a fair and balanced history of slavery. I saw him on BookTV several months ago and I can't recall his name. It wasn't Racist Mofo, but that might be close.