if i ever get homesick

This clearly insane person is attempting to document New York City. All of it. Every block, every building. The photographs aren't particularly good, in my humble opinion, but what he lacks in talent he makes up in volume.

In this link he captures New Yorkers' response to the war in Iraq. In brief, we no like.

The photos of September 11, 2001, and the days following, are good, appropriately harrowing because they're such a ground-level view. I won't link to them, but they're at the bottom of the main page if you're interested.

I was hoping to link to my street or my building, but it seems he hasn't worked his way that far uptown.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Well, another neat thing is google maps.

You can actually get a satillite photo down to street level for all major North American cities. You can scroll around too, and switch to a map view.

For example, here's the parliament building in Ottawa. The white dome is the tent over the Parliamentary Library during its renovations


laura k said...

Neat! I can't believe I never used this before. Very nice.