we hear from buffalo

Our letter came today!!!

Our initial assessment has been completed, and now we take the next steps. This includes FBI clearance (proof that we are not felons), medical exams, tax forms and sworn statements of our common-law partnership.

For people following the process and wondering about timing, here's the timeline thus far:

March 22 - applications submitted for first time

April 3 & 23 - corrected applications resubmitted

June 3 - applications declared correct and placed in queue

Jan 18 - initial assessment complete, request for add'l documents

My original estimate, based on length of processing time last time I was able to check, was correct: eight months.

Now I estimate we will be out of here by September. Fingers crossed.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Hey, that's great!

September wouldn't be a bad time either. It's moving in winter that's a real pain.

Do you have all the vacination histories, etc. for your dogs? Moving across the border can be a bit of a pain with animals (but it was harder for us going south than it was back north).

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Try #2: I posted a comment, but it never appeared. So here it is again.

Congratulations! September's not a bad time to move, it would suck to move in winter.

Make sure your vaccination records for your dogs are up to date. It isn't too hard to bring a pet across the border, but there can be occasional delays.

laura k said...

Oops, double post. That has happened to me many times.

Anyway... Thank you!! We are very excited. My heart is actually pounding. I have to calm down. We still have a ways to go!

I am concerned about moving with the dogs, but we'll have to just get their vaccination records and hope for the best. For now, we have to focus on getting these new documents together.

Oh by the way, yes, I've heard winters are cold in Canada. ;-)

Rognar said...

Great news! I'm happy for you.

Btw, that whole Canadian winter thing is relative. Those wimps in TO wouldn't know cold if it crept up and bit them on the behind. Spend a couple weeks in Winnipeg in January and Toronto will seem like Tahiti.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

I find Ottawa cold compared to the Maritimes, but it's not as bad as "Winterpeg".

laura k said...

Yeah, that winter thing is always relative. Having grown up in northern Vermont, Allan thinks we barely have winter in NYC. My friend from Atlanta can't get her mind around anything colder than New York.

I think Toronto will be cold enough for me. What I'm really looking forward to is more milder summers.

Oh: thank you Rob. :)

Anonymous said...

Great News for you. Congrats

September is perfect! You will be able to catch the Blue Jays in their stretch drive to the pennant and World Series this year!! lol

laura k said...

Thank you! Blue Jays in pennant drive - that certainly is a LOL. :) I did note, though, that we'll be out of New York by playoff time. Allan wants to order Blue Jays/Red Sox tickets now...

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

It shouldn't be too bad to bring the dogs up. From experience, it was harder to bring an animal into the U.S. from Canada than vice-versa. Our American born cat went up north without a problem, but our previous cat couldn't go south with us.

Just remeber to avoid the words "pit bull".....

laura k said...

Pit bull? What's that? :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy to read this passage as I am in the same process. I would like to know what's next after they ask you for the medical exams and FBI clearances? is it the last step before the approval? Thanks in advance!

laura k said...

Gito, email me to discuss!

Where are you emigrating from?? What stage of the process are you in?