questions of scale

New York large and small. Christo's Gates are coming! Christo and Jeanne Claude tried for years to gain clearance for a project in New York's Central Park. I was so happy when I learned they finally obtained it - and now I'm thrilled that The Gates will happen while I'm still here to experience them. I'll try to check it out several times during the construction, then see the installation itself a few times. These frequent errors from Christo and Jeanne Claude's website are amusing.

Board's Head Ham. Washington Hights Convinence. Frist Wok. Allan and I love the funny typos, misspellings and misapplied idioms that grace the signs of our polyglot city. We used to talk about walking around the city photographing crazy signs and doing a story on it, but lacked sufficient motivation in those pre-digital camera days. The Times has a piece on it today.

Lies large and small. Paul Krugman explains the Social Security privatization scam. This is the first piece in a series, one worth following.

And Gina Kolata explains the diet industry scam. Short answer: they don't work. They just make other people rich.

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