I've created a new menu linking to people who are regular visitors to WMTC. If you read my blather and you have a blog or website, send me the link and I'll include you.


Doctor Marco said...

I am glad to see my name in your list. I will add a link to your blog in my own one

laura k said...

Glad to see you're still reading me. :)

I rummaged through all the old comments, looking for your name and URL.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Happy anniversary!

I just finished catching up on your blog. I haven't been online much over the holidays. Thanks for the link!

Cin said...

Once again, thank you for continuing to publish such a great blog. Reading the news and then reading your blog puts a whole different slant on things, and makes me dig deeper.

It's also made me realize that in order for Canada to stay attractive, a lot of us who are already here have to maintain a sense of gratitude, ensure we don't get lazy, and speak up as often as needed.

Keep up the great work!

laura k said...

Oh my. Thank you so much. Excellent observation about life in Canada. That also reminds me that I'll still be an activist up there - a good thing! Thanks again for your high praise, I'll try to live up to it.